Kosran ECV achieve approved Cemex supplier status

Kosran ECV achieve approved supplier status
with Cemex

Kosran ECV, the worldwide specialists in electro-mechanical immobilisation for construction & agricultural plant equipment, have today achieved ‘Approved Preferred Supplier’ status with CEMEX UK

Operations - the UK (and worldwide) leading supplier of materials to the Construction industry.

Kosran ECV, with the unique patented ‘intelligent’ diesel smart-valve, provides unrivalled diesel immobilisation – combined with remote machine control and Asset Management Tracking technology.
CEMEX is a global building solutions company and leading supplier of cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. In the UK, CEMEX also provides asphalt, roof tiles, concrete block solutions and railway

sleepers. The company generates over £1 billion in annual sales and has a UK supply network with over 500 locations to ensure that quality building materials is available to customers locally. CEMEX is

dedicated to building a better future and couples financial achievements with a firm commitment to sustainable development.

Jon Gray, Strategic Sourcing Manager for CEMEX explained: “Following an analysis of plant immobilisation and security products, we decided to go for Kosran ECV, which not only helps prevent theft, but

enables us to restrict machinery access to authorised and trained personnel.”
Mark Smyth, Technical Director at Kosran ECV stated that: “CEMEX are a vital part of the UK & Worldwide Construction Industry and we are proud to be associated with the CEMEX brand, its commitment to

Health & Safety, and its productivity. We look forward to a long partnership together.”

It is envisaged that all new equipment purchases by CEMEX in the UK will have Kosran stipulated at the OEM source, and that the continual equipment renewal renewal structure in place at CEMEX will ensure

that CEMEX benefits from the entire fleet being ‘Kosran Secured’.




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